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Hello! I’m Michelle, your personalised financial advisor with over 10 years of experience in financial industry. I have a passion for helping individuals and families achieve their financial goals and secure a prosperous future.

We specialise in:
1. Financial Risk Diversification Planning
2. Estate Planning
3. Will and Trust Planning
4. Retirement Planning
5. Education Planning
6. Health Insurance
7. General Insurance
8. Mortgage Level Term Assurance
9. Property Services

I’m here to assist you on your financial journey,
Guiding you towards a brighter financial future. Let’s work together to create a robust financial plan tailored to your dreams and aspirations!


Reach out for a FREE consultation and let’s start building your tomorrow, TODAY! https://wa.link/5xtjx9

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Hello, I’m Norman, an estate planner, an entrepreneur, a gym enthusiast, love to sing and an extroverted. I owned local street wear brand called VLO•Z and owned a cleaning company which is Greensweep Cleaning Services. And also I’m an Estate Planner specialist in Trust, Legacy Planning, Tax Benefits and Wealth Accumulation. Trusted Consultant to CEO, Director, Businessmen & Executives. Also a Team Lead in my team which lead a team age range between 25-45. Some people may confused that a Trust is Unit Trust, but actually they’re totally different sectors. And that’s why I am here to educate the people about the value and benefits of Trust. I always wanted to expand my team to whole Malaysia, and I’m glad that I have team in Kuching, Sibu, Limbang and Miri now. Building a young, talented, and fun team is one of my biggest goals to achieve before 30. I would always open up my career opportunities to everyone and share how does this industry could achieve your goals and dreams. Believe, Appreciate, and Payback is my life motto. Clients believe in me, I appreciate them, and I payback them with gratitude and benefits.


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I’m Foo or u can call me TJ, I’m born 00’s and I am a Capricorn. My job is life advisor and also financial advisor. I will let you knew the current situation on the market and calculate your life coverage. Financial advice is to let you know your future retirement fund or money that you need to use for survive. I want to make more friends. Of course not aming to buy insurance…. HAHAHA… anyway i would like to share my job or product to your guys but i also willing to listen other knowledge from other job and new business opportunities in the current market.  So can just add me 0168558431, welcome for any question or any inquiries. .


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Hello everyone I’m Tung Sing, I’m junior corporate audit manager in Shing Yang Corporation. My objective is to meet new people and friends. Please do contact me via my social media account for any enquiries.


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My name is Keying. I’m a mechanical student in Curtin University. Get good grades be a good daughter.

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Never try never know, once you want it, just go ahead until you get it


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HELLO!!🤩 I’m Angeline Toh, a 21-year-old marketing student and a passionate financial planner specializing in Life Insurance, also Will & Trust services. My motto in life is to empower people to secure their future and protect their loved ones. Whether you’re looking for financial guidance, advice on life insurance, or estate planning solutions, I’m here to help! Let’s connect and explore how I can assist you in achieving your financial goals and peace of mind. Feel free to reach out and let’s get started on this journey together! 🌟


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Vernice is a 27-year-old administrative assistant who loves to bake, sing, and handcraft. She is a kind and compassionate person who loves to help others. She is also very creative and enjoys using her hands to create beautiful things.

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